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Volksbos in Vlaardingen (Netherlands) – August 2016

Twinkling dragonfly


Volksbos in Vlaardingen (Netherlands)

July 2011

Kleine Vuurvlinder

This Common red soldier beetle (Rode Weekschild in Dutch) in the summer months often found in large numbers in various types of plants.

Vlaardingen (Netherlands) – July 2011

Common red soldier beetle on a leaf

The common red soldier beetle will grow up to a centimetre. Nearly all their body is coloured red yellowish. Only the last bit of the elytra is black. These beetles are active during the daylight hours, when they will hunt mostly for small insects on top of flowers.

Vlaardingen (Netherlands) – July 2011

Common red soldier beetle

Dit exemplaar spreidde zijn vleugels in het Volksbos in Vlaardingen.

July 2011

Gehakkelde Eurelia

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