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Polish beer2

In the nice city of Katowice, I drank some very delicious beers. Taken with mobile phone.

Poland – September 2016


What a place in Thailand! – March 2008

Market on trainstation3

This was a nice view on some colored windows in the small town Mili on Samos island in Greece. Everything looks colorful.

May 2010

Colored windows

Even his glasses sitting askew

Samos (Greece) – May 2010


Samos (Greece) – May 2010

Love is

Bangkok (Thailand) – March 2008

In white

Taken with my mobile phone

Katowice (Poland) – September 2016

Old colors

Budapest (Hungary) – September 2007

Steet in Budapest

Gambia – March 2013

Kids in Gambia

I like the atmosphere in this picture. This picture was taken on the island of Koh Samui (Thailand) many years ago (March 2006). People who lives very simple. I am always interested in the local people.

Koh Samui (Thailand) – March 2006


Pillion (Greece) – September 2008


Samos (Greece) – June 2010

Narrow street

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