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Algarve (Portugal) – May 2017


Algarve (Portugal) РMay 2017 / Mobilephotography

Vlaardingen – April 2017

This is a bronze sculpture with the title “composition”. Taken with mobile phone.

Vlaardingen (Netherlands) – March 2017

More dark is probably rainfall
Some little blue parts give maybe some sunshine
We will see what the weather will be.

B&W in the sky

Vlaardingen – March 2017 (mobile photography)

De Rietputten in Vlaardingen – November 2015 (mobilephotography)

De Rietputten in B&W

Rotterdam (Netherlands) – March 2016

Rotterdam in the morning fog

Carrion Crow (Zwarte Kraai)

Vlaardingen (Netherlands) – December 2014

Black and white

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